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Automated Document Generation


LetterGenerator (LG) provides a one-stop standard for communications with providers and members.  Our proprietary technology uses your existing database to customize letters and handle the full letter cycle.  LG manages each step in the creation process and the reporting backend to track process improvements.  

Automated Print, Fax, Email, PDF etc..


Secure retrieval and warehousing

Fully Customizeable

Claims Management


Efficient claims management often involves coordinating multiple data sources.  At the core of this process is your adjudication system; monitoring the traffic is ClaimsStatDB.  Our system narrows the noise and provides the tools and reporting to simplify claims management.

Secure retrieval and warehousing

Integrates with any



Utilization Management


Each day hundreds of nurses make better decisions using AuthStatDB.  Through custom workflow designs your nurses can see all related documentation, historical data, patient information and interactions to make the right decisions about authorized care.  Get rid of joined spreadsheets and manage care more effectively.

Authorization Mgmt

Continuing Care Mgmt.

Care Coordination

Built-in Reporting/Auditing

Recoupment Management


Track provider payments and check reconciliation in one simple tool.  Our collections module enables your claims/finance teams to manage payments and accurately manage provider funds.  

Fully Customizeable

Fully interoperable with claims/billing system

Built-in Reporting/Auditing

Leading Managed Care organizations build technology improvement into their quarterly roadmap.  Lussier Data Architects seamlessly supports your existing technology team, big or small, to achieve success.  Our team successfully delivers applications that scale with your organization.  Contact us today to learn more about our product suite and how our team can support your organization.

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Custom App Development

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